The course looks at Designers and how to build a credible Image for their Brand and how the use of Branding helps to bring integrity and customer awareness. It gives clear concise ways to promote the Designers Image alongside the Designers Brand. It also looks at the role branding plays in the Marketing of the Brand and how Image enables the brand to thrive.

A brand is a living business asset, brought to life across all touch points, which, if properly managed, creates identification, differentiation and value. It is true that talents and creativity is not enough to succeed as a fashion icon. Branding is the life blood of the fashion industry.  It is therefore, strategically, crucial for players in the fashion industry to consciously and continuously develop, refine and leverage their brand assets.

To every fashion designer, branding matters because it raises product or service awareness. It shows what is distinctive about the design and conveys emotional relevance, making the case for purchase against other alternatives.
Participants of this course will be equipped with the ability to use their brands to influence consumer Behaviour and choice, design  premium pricing schemes, generate customer loyalty and advocacy that creates revenue and profits, understand how to build brand equity and shareholder value.

The course is structured in a way that provides you with a general theoretical and conceptual insights into the rudiment of branding and underpins it with a practical guides on personal branding,online reputation management, fashion related case studies,assignments and do it your self tasks so as to help you achieve your goals as a fashion designer.